Our Values

Strength through diversity Key technologies can address all wastes integrated energy and water systems Enabling industry & developing Sustainable Communities.

Our Values

What We Do

  • Hugely reduce environmental impacts
  • Recycle all water used on site, capture rainwater & purify
  • Recycle 95% of MSW waste locally and create:
    • Renewable electricity
    • Produce Bio char which is a permanent fertiliser
    • Capture carbon out of the atmosphere
  • Create jobs
  • Grow food
  • Desalinate water & or purify water
  • Prevent methane release to the atmosphere
  • Make savings and profits
  • Directly Reduce energy costs for families in the community

Strength Through Diversity

  • MSW /Agricultural /commercial
    • Effective waste disposal and recycling
    • Which generates electricity
    • captures carbon and permanently improves soil
  • Waste water
    • Purify any waste water or brackish water
    • Desalinate sea water with no chemicals & without boron risk
  • Sewage/ Effluent water & recovery management
    • Treats sewage
    • Delivers water for recycling
    • Makes fuel from sludge

The Opportunity

  • Carbon negative operations
  • Profitable operations
  • Exceed renewable targets
  • Create meaningful local jobs
  • Create new sustainable income stream profits
  • Cater for all Water needs and produces a surplus of water
  • Create sustainable fresh food environments
  • Improve existing environment by eliminating land fill over time
  • Develop important skill sets

The World Population

1970 – 3.5 billion
2011 – 7 billion of which just 3 billion have a 1st world life style
2030 – 9 billion projected of which 6 billion expected to have a first world lifestyle
Sustainable communities are key

RDF = Fuel Security

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.48.47

  • Refuse, agricultural and horticultural derived fuels can be bailed and stockpiled or shipped.
  • Presently fuels can be certified for external storage for up to three years

In isolated communities or disaster zones

  • 4Evergreen technologies Bio Park Solutions are deployable, modular and scalable.
  • Near self sufficient infrastructure.
  • Once the technologies have been introduced it can be expanded and replicated.
  • Economic, food and water security is the best way of securing peace and Reducing the flow of economic and climatic refugees.

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  • 4Evergreen solutions deliver holistic Bio Parks with multiple renewable technologies working together in a radical way to fulfil long term operational demand with the lowest environmental impact.
  • Each system design balanced to local conditions, climate and water availability
  • Balance of delivery can be swung toward the greatest local need i.e.
    • Water production
    • Power production
    • Fuel production
    • Food production
    • Economic development – jobs