Brand New Biopark


The buildings have been designed with living roofs to increase biodiversity in the industrial landscape.


4Evergreen Technologies Ltd is proposing to build the “Garden of England Energy Project” at Kemsley Park near Sittingbourne, Kent. The site is just off Barge Way (the A249) to the south of a Morrison’s distribution centre, plaster board manufacturing plant and an energy from waste plant (currently under construction).

This will be the first of our “BIO-PARKS”
Utilising our innovative concept that will deliver locally sustainable community energy.

It is a small scale energy generating facility which combines a number of renewable and sustainable technologies. Combined, these proven and tried & tested technologies will convert high organic content waste materials – essentially things like scraps of paper, card and plastic that cannot be economically recycled – into energy. Currently, more than 1.5 million tones are exported abroad which equals 2,000GWh in lost local power generation for the UK.

The facility is self-sufficient, expected to generate 10.4 Megawatts (MW) of electricity with 2.2 MW used to run the operations on site (along with some of the waste heat from the gas engines) and 8.2 MW exported to the National Grid. The facility will require approximately ten HGV deliveries of fuel per day – 20 HGV movements per day.

The following new structures will be installed:

  • Fuel silos
  • Fuel reception and storage area
  • Dryer area
  • Offices and control room
  • Pyrolysis area
  • Electrical generation area
  • A regenerative thermal oxidiser (“RTO”)
  • Discharge stack
  • Syngas holders
  • Engine cooling area
  • Char storage area canopy
  • Air emissions abatement area canopy
  • Organic Rankine cycle canopy


4Evergreen Technologies were formally invited by mining giant VALE in the Autumn of 2014 to realize a AEP advanced energy plant in redundant buildings on their Clydach Nickel refinery as part of their drive to meet 100% of their power demand by sustainably resourced energy & remove the Nickel refineries exposure to fluctuations in the commodity price of electricity by entering into an off grid fixed power supply solution.