Waste is our Passion

  • Amount of refuse derived waste worldwide: about 2.8 billion tons per year
  • Greenhouse gas emissions – untreated waste is the 6th largest methane producer worldwide
  • Odour nuisance is no longer acceptable
  • Leachate threatening ground water and soil
  • Danger through spreading of diseases
  • Blowing litter as visual pollution

Waste water

childrenThe world is facing an increasing shortage of fresh water for both human consumption and agriculture (70% of the total world fresh water usage). 97% of the water on Earth is in the seas and oceans. Desalination of this salt water is the best long term solution but a looming energy crisis and accounts for 70% of the total world fresh water usage

Wasted fuels creating energy to create potable water from sea water

Currently there are more than 14,000 desalination facilities worldwide but the existing technology is very energy intensive, requires high maintenance and gives rise to large carbon emissions. The current technology is thus damaging to the environment, high cost & not sustainable. Market has been growing at a compound rate of 8.1 % pa for last 15 years. Annual new sales of desalination plants are currently £5 billion pa. Future growth forecast to accelerate to over 14 % pa. Around 30 % of the demand is for small size facilities of less than 20,000 cubic metres per day (m3/day) capacity used principally for tourism developments, industrial use and small towns.

By 2030 9 billion population is projected of which 6 billion expected to have a first world life style

What can we do?

  • Hugely reduce environmental impacts
  • Recycle all water used on site, capture rainwater & purify
  • Recycle 100% of waste locally and create
  • Renewable electricity
  • Produce Bio char which is a permanent fertiliser
  • Capture carbon out of the atmosphere
  • Create jobs
  • Grow food
  • Desalinate water & or purify water
  • Prevent methane release to the atmosphere
  • Make savings and profits
  • Directly Reduce energy costs

Tailored Technologies

  • Effective waste disposal and recycling Which generates electricity off grid
  • Provides surplus heat & or Chilled air
  • captures carbon and permanently improves soil
  • Waste water
  • very low environmental impact
  • Purify any waste water or brackish water
  • Desalinate sea water with no chemicals & without boron risk
  • Sewage/ Effluent water & recovery management
  • Treats sewage
  • Delivers water for recycling
  • Makes fuel from sludge

The Opportunity

  • Profitable independent off grid operations– in industrial/domestic or commercial setting
  • Savings set against fuel costs & or distributed to improve communities standard of living
  • Tackles legal renewable targets for industry
  • Creates meaningful local jobs
  • Create new sustainable income stream profits
  • Caters for all Water needs and produces a surplus
  • Creates sustainable fresh food environments
  • Improves environment by eliminating land fill over time
  • Develops important skill sets

4Evergreen solutions deliver holistic Bio Parks with multiple renewable technologies working together in a radical way to fulfil long term operational demand with the lowest environmental impact.


Reducing costs by transforming processed waste & other sustainable resources delivered from waste into energy.


Everything we design, specify, develop manufacture & deploy is recyclable at the end of its useful life.


4EGT’s mission is to extract the last juice of energy out of the lemon & then the pips too.


Solutions that are modular effective and efficient on the fringe of the local community as they are in a heavy industrial setting supplying sustainable power.